Denmark Fairy Tale Tours – Northern Jutland from Aarhus to Aalborg

3 days/2 nights semi-private or private tour starting in Aarhus and ending in Aalborg with entertaining and knowledgeable, English-speaking, Danish guide.


This tour is on request only.


  • Aarhus – guided tour and visit in private home
  • The Cathedral of Viborg
  • Skagen – Denmark’s northernmost town
  • Grenen – the end of the European continent
  • Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse – the battle between man and nature
  • Lindholm Høje – unique viking burial ground with more than 600 graves
  • Aalborg – Europe’s happiest city


This program can be taken separately from Aarhus Airport terminating in Aalborg Airport – or can be an extension to THE FAIRY TALE TOUR with guaranteed departures. 




The touring of Northern Jutland commences in Aarhus with a guided tour of Denmark’s second city. Afterwards it is time for “Formiddagskaffe” in a private home with view of the bay of Aarhus and the Botanical Gardens. This is as authentic as it gets. You are the guest of Ms. Lissi Bagge, who invites you into her apartment to feel the genuine Danish “hygge” and hear about her life and way of living. Feel free to ask questions, while enjoying a cup of coffee/tea and homemade cake.


From Aarhus we drive north to the town of Randers, where a local man, Henrik Knudsen, has built the only copy in world of Elvis Presley’s home Graceland. Unfortunately, he had to change the name from “Graceland Randers” to “Memphis Mansion” but it is still an experience to see the place and meet this Elvis top fan. Henrik has been collecting Elvis memorabilia for decades and today his collection is considered to be one of the 10 largest in the world. The Danes “gave” Victor Borge to the USA, and now the Danes got a part of Elvis’ heritage. The cultural exchange go both ways. After the guided tour we will enjoy an American style lunch in the restaurant at the Memphis Mansion.


From one entrepreneur to another. Just a short drive north of Randers we visit Cold Hands Winery, which produce prizewinning Danish fruit wines. The wines are based on selected apples of a high quality, but the assortment also includes wines from cherries, pears, blackcurrant, plums, rhubarbs, and redcurrant, and are sold in the finest European restaurants. The two owners themselves call the success of their small winery a Danish fruit wine fairytale. We will hear about the production and have a small tasting.

Now we head west to Mid Jutland to the town of Viborg where we stop at the big cathedral. This twin-towered cruciform church resides impressively over Viborg’s old town centre and is just as impressive on the inside. Especially the many modern frescoes attract a huge number of visitors.


Continue late afternoon to Hobro, where we’ll have dinner and overnight at Hotel Amerika situated in a forest overlooking the fiord.




After breakfast we continue north. Our first stop will be the remaining ramparts of the Viking ring fortress of Fyrkat build by one of our first kings; an important step in creating the new kingdom. Then we drive further north to Rebild. In the heathery hills just outside the village the world’s biggest 4th of July celebration outside the USA takes place every year. We meet a representative from the Rebild Society and hear about the great bond between Rebild/Northern Jutland and the US as well as visit the small Emmigration Museum in Museum Rebild. 


Further north we stop to see the chalk paintings of the family tree of Jesus in the church of Saltum and have a cup of  coffe/tea and a short talk with a member of the local parochial church council to learn more about similarities and differences between the Danish and American churches and parishes, and get to know the Danes even better.


Then we drive to nearby Børglum Abbey, which history dates back 1.000 years. It is now a privately owned farm and museum. We start our visit with a late lunch in the café in the old horse stables and continue with a guided visit.  


Late afternoon we drive further north to the the east coast to the old village inn in Aalbæk for dinner and overnight.




After breakfast we visit the most northernly point of Denmark and the end of the European continent “Grenen” where 2 seas collide and it is possible to stand with one foot in either sea. We walk around the town of Skagen and have lunch in the fishing harbour.


In the afternoon we drive along the west coast towards Aalborg. Along the way we stop at the Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse. In 2019 it made it’s way to the news around the world how a local mason moved the lighthouse away from the cliff on rollerskates. It is a beautiful place to experience the force of nature and an amazing story of the locals rescuing their 119 year old lighthouse from falling into the sea.

Near Aalborg we experience the beautiful Viking burial site “Lindholm Høje” before we terminate at the airport or at your hotel in Aalborg.

PS: Tour starts from centrally located hotel 08.30 after breakfast or from the airport according to agreement  and terminates at Aalborg Airport or at centrally located hotel in Aalborg. (Pre night in Aarhus and post night in Aalborg are NOT included).


We will be happy to make your hotel bookings before and after the tour. After all we do know these towns very well.



Price is coming soon.


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